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4.5 (Голосов: 2)
Языки Русский
Системы Linux    Размер: ?
Лицензия The Apache License 2.0 (Бесплатная)
Версия 1.17
FlowPlayer is a video player for Flash Video in FLV format.
FlowPlayer project is a video player for Flash Video in FLV format. The UI is clean and simple.
The player is easy to configure and embed into your home page, site, or blog.
FlowPlayer.swf is a player that is ready to be used out-of-the box. FlowPlayer.html is an example of Web page that uses it. The name of the video file to be loaded by the player is specified in html page in the < object > tag's flashvars attribute. This attribute is there in two places (both in < objec t> and < embed > tags) to maximize the number of supported Web browsers.
By default, the player loads the video file from the same location as it loads FlowPlayer.swf. The name of this variable is 'videoFile' and the value should be the name of the video file with or without an extension.
There is also a way to specify a complete URL. This is done using the 'baseURL' variable. When this mechanism is used the video files and FlowPlayer.swf may reside in different locations within the Web server or even in different servers.
'autoPlay' variable is used to specify whether playback should start immediately when the player has been loaded into the Web browser. Legal values for this parameter are 'true' and 'false'.
Please refer to FlowPlayer.html for descriptions of all HTML parameters used to control the player.

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1.17 (01.01.1970)
· Added a button to open the full screen mode. · Removed the menu auto-popup. · Added ability to include PNF files in playlists. · These are especially useful for creating transparent splash images that have a big play button image. · Added a 'autoRewind' option that is used to rewind back to the first clip in the playlist after the list has been completed. · Added a per clip parameter 'allowResize' that can be used to override the scaling controlled by the menu and by the 'initialScale' config option. · Changed the font used in FlowPlayer to be non italics for better readability. · Added possibility to fix the control buttons area width. · Now the controls do not fill the whole window width in full screen mode.
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