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Это версия для Мобильные и КПК. Другие версии удобно искать через поиск по сайту
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Системы: Мобильные и КПК
Windows Mobile PocketPC
Размер: 1,01 Мб
Языки Русский
Лицензия Freeware (Бесплатная)
Версия 3.0.0
Обновление: 2007-05-24

Основная информация о программе

QMAIL is a communications program which deserves to be more well known: it supports POP3, IMAP4, NNTP & RSS protocols.
Installation simply involves copying the files to the Pocket PC.
The mail client pleasantly surprised me: besides IMAP4 support, it supports SSL/TLS authenication (which makes it compatible with GMail, but this requires a seperate download), filters and all the configuration options that you could imagine. HTML support is still not working for the Pocket PC. Neither is the ability to compose scripts.
To read a RSS feed, you only need to create an account and choose RSS in the "Class" menu. When you return to the main screen you choose the account that you just created, tap and hold to bring up "Create" and voila, after entering the name of the feed, you only have to give the URL. The interface is not bad: you click on the title to see the contents, providing quick access.
It should be said here that the author's website would help you much since it is all in Japanese and there is no configuration guidelines.
An app that appears to be well-features (maybe too much) and so we should spend some time trying it out. Read this tutorial if you are interested in this feeware.
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