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Иконка SMS Anywhere Lite Edition

SMS Anywhere Lite Edition

Это версия для Мобильные и КПК. Другие версии удобно искать через поиск по сайту
SMS Anywhere Lite Edition
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Системы: Мобильные и КПК
Размер: 12,4 Кб
Языки Русский
Лицензия Shareware (Платная) 9.90 $
Версия 1.0
Обновление: 2007-05-28

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SMS Anywhere can forward incoming and outgoing SMS between mobile phones.
If you have not only one mobile number and you hope to handle SMS for all numbers with only one phone - SMS Anywhere gives you the answer.
When you travel to another country, you perhaps would like to have a local mobile number in that country. However you don't want to miss the messages sent to your original homeland mobile number. - SMS Anywhere is a good solution in this case.
If you are a detective or a policeman, you can use SMS Anywhere to monitor the incoming and outgoing messages on the suspect's mobile phone. Please be aware such behavior might be illegal in your country. We suggest you to check local laws before using SMS Anywhere for such case.
SMS Anywhere is a service daemon runs on Symbian S60 smart phone. It starts up automatically when the phone is switched on. It does not have any GUI (Graphics User Interface) or application icon so you can't see it on phone menu.
You may ask "How I can control it?" The answer is SMS again. You control the software by sending SMS commands to it. No doubt, you can control the software remotely from other phones.
Let us take the following example.
You will travel to another country. So you put your original mobile phone at home and have SMS Anywhere software installed on the phone. When you arrive to destination place and then you get a local mobile number 88888888, you send a short message to your original phone in a pre-defined format with a password to require SMS Anywhere to forward SMS to your new temporary local number 88888888.
From now on, all SMS send to your original cellular phone will be forwarded by SMS Anywhere to your temporary number 88888888 automatically. Of course you can change your temporary number at anytime.
Above is a very simple example. In real world you can do more with SMS Anywhere.
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