Clean & Clear 0.99

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Иконка Clean & Clear 0.99
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Clean and Clear
4 (Голосов: 5)
Автор dalang (Сайт)
Языки Русский    Размер: 317 Кб
Системы Windows
Лицензия Shareware ( 18 $  )
Категория Безопасность / Очистка системы
Clean & Clear is eliminates on the computer trash document and all operations trace,Thus protects your privacy.Uses the computer frequently the friend common such worry, does not hope oneself
Clean & Clear is a software that clean your PC trash.
The privacy is seen by other people to, but Windows actually presumptuously many trash.The document and the operating record preserves, although may through the manual deletion, but very not Convenient, seriously affects to us uses the computer the mood. Now you may use this.A software does their decides!

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