SMS Desktop Manager Pro 1.05

Это версия для Windows. Другие версии удобно искать через поиск по сайту
Иконка SMS Desktop Manager Pro 1.05
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SMS Desktop Manager Pro
2,5 (Голосов: 2)
Автор Websetters Limited (Сайт)
Языки Русский    Размер: 4,25 Мб
Системы Windows
Лицензия Shareware ( 15 $  )
Категория Интернет / Телефония, SMS
SMS Business Solutions deliver a new standard in reliability and economy for reaching your mobile workforce and help deliver additional business value in reaching your customers through immediate, mobile communications.
SMS Desktop Manager Professional is a self contained application running within the Microsoft Windows environment and provides an efficient capability to send SMS messages from a users desktop. 
Reduce the costs of communicating with your clients and mobile employees, and provide them with the information needed in a timely manner.
· address SMS messages from the personal contacts list or via free format text entry of cell numbers
· add, edit and delete functions for personal contacts list
· import contacts from comma separated delimited file (e.g. from Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express)
· sends SMS messages to multiple users in one transmission
· distribution list management (easier addressing for regular multi recipient messages)
· three levels of text compression:
· strip spaces from message, capitalising each first character;
· replace typed words with TXT words, e.g. text with txt;
· combined space stripping and TXT word replacement
· personalisation of TXT word dictionary to allow abbreviations appropriate to specific solution
· ten shortcut keys to insert frequently used text (user configurable)
· shortcuts to insert Sender Name, Recipient Name, Date or Time
· when configured, automatically inserts a header and/or footer in each new message
· send messages greater than 160 characters in length (sends multiple sub messages)
· create and apply message templates allowing repetitive messages to be created more efficiently
· tracks the number of messages sent, delivered and failed deliveries
· character count while creating SMS message
· message count showing the number of message credits required to send the SMS message
· one credit required per message
· message history: display messages sent, delivery status and message details
· create new messages from message text held in the message history
· SMS message spell checker (spell check SMS message - supports personal dictionaries)
· login options to control SMS Credit usage


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Программы для отправки смс (sms) Программы для отправки смс (sms)
Программы, с помощью которых прямо с компьютера можно отправлять бесплатные смс-сообщения на мобильные телефоны.

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